Global Internet Testbed COSMIC

COSMIC Global Internet testbed



The COSMOS Interconnecting Continents (COSM-IC), is a National Science Foundation (NSF) sponsored global testbed that spans through Asia, Europe, South, and North America continents. The testbed proposes to develop capabilities that will enhance unique multi-technology and software-defined wireless, optical, and edge cloud network testbed infrastructure to perform a groundbreaking international collaborative experiment. This will be achieved by leveraging the COSMOS [RSZ+20, COS20] and ORBIT [RSO05, BCL14] testbeds’ interfaces with the PEERING [SAC+19] and FABRIC [FAB20] testbeds and adding connections to leading testbeds worldwide, including CPQD (Brazil) [CPQD20], Kyutech U./StarBED (Japan) [Sta20], OneLab/NITOS (EU/Greece) [One20, NIT20], and CONNECT and Pervasive Nation at Trinity College Dublin (EU/Ireland) [CON20].

Last Updated: 01/29/2024 10:11