About Us

Computer Science was founded as a departmental program in 1968, to structure and direct the explosion of knowledge in this relatively new science. It is now comprised of 22 full-time faculty, five full-time administrative staff, and a sponsored research center know as CAISS, the Center for Algorithms and Interactive Scientific Software, with four professional staff. Program enrollment is approximately 300 students, including matriculated graduate students, plus some 100 students shared with Computer Engineering. The department occupies modern facilities on the upper floors of the North Academic Center, operates seven dedicated computer laboratories, and maintains a 132-node Beowulf Cluster called Wildebeest, all of which support a singular research commitment.

City College was the first within the City University of New York system to offer a major in Computer Science, and has remained the leading innovator. The offerings today include the B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science, the last in conjunction with the CUNY Graduate Center, as well as the B.E. in Computer Engineering, with the Department of Electrical Engineering, and a minor in Computer Science. A carefully tailored system of faculty and administrative advising has been instituted, to guide and support students as they move within the courses and curricula. Students enjoy an environment composed of dedicated faculty, a historic college and a leading university, while benefiting directly from the great energy and cultural amenities of New York City.



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