Course and Curriculum Changes

Online class schedules might not list the newest changes yet! But you must follow new pre- and corequisites, not the old ones. It is your responsibility to ensure this, not your advisor's. You will be removed from a course if you violate its pre- or corequisite, even if the registration system lets you register.

You may earn the degree using the set of courses (not prerequisites) required by any older curriculum, as long as you have been attending every Spring and Fall in the major (not necessarily full-time) since then.

Fall 2015

There have been some changes to course pre- and corequisites. CUNYfirst and curriculum sheets may not have been updated yet.

  • CSc 470 & 472, instead of prerequisites CSc 301 & 322, now both just have prerequisite CSc 221.


Last Updated: 10/30/2015 10:34