What is MSDNAA?
The MSDN Academic Alliance is an agreement between the Computer Science Department and Microsoft to allow students who are enrolled in either the undergraduate or graduate programs and are currently taking classes to have copies of specific software for home/personal use. As a student, you will have access to Microsoft operating systems, development platforms and tools, and a variety of other software from the MSDN library. Click here for a MSDNAA Program Usage Guidelines Quick Summary.

What Software Can You Get:
There is a large selection of Platforms, Servers and Developer Tools. On a more limited basis, there are some Applications (Microsoft Office, Word or Excel) are not available. Click here to see list of software available.

How Do You Get The Software?

   1. Contact Nikita Jaikaran at to schedule an appointment to get your software.
   2. Print and sign the MSDNAA Agreement Form
   3. At the time of your appointment, please present the following:
         a. Your student ID - To verify your enrollment in the computer science undergraduate or graduate program and computer science courses currently taken.
         b. Your signed MSDNAA Agreement form (available on site)
Are You Allowed To Share The Software?
NO - Read the MSDNAA Agreement carefully and you will know what you can and cannot do with the software.

If You Have Additional Questions
Please contact Nikita Jaikaran,  %6eikita@cs.ccny" rel="nofollow">  with additional questions.