Publications 2003

 Journal Articles

  • Iris Anshel, Michael Anshel, Dorian Goldfeld: Non-abelian key agreement protocols. Discrete Applied Mathematics 130(1): 3-12 (2003)
  • Gilbert Baumslag, Martin R. Bridson, Derek F. Holt, Charles F. Miller III. Finite presentation of fibre products of metabelian groups. J. Pure Appl. Algebra 181(1): 15-22 (2003)
  • Peter Brass: On finding maximum-cardinality symmetric subsets. Comput. Geom. 24(1): 19-25 (2003)
  • Peter Brass, Karoly Bezdek: On k^+-neighbour packings and one-sided Hadwiger configurations. Beitraege zur Algebra und Geometrie 44: 493-498 (2003)
  • Peter Brass, Christian Knauer: On counting point-hyperplane incidences. Comput. Geom. 25(1-2): 13-20 (2003)
  • Peter Brass, Laura Heinrich-Litan, Pat Morin: Computing the Center of Area of a Convex Polygon. Int. J. Comput. Geometry Appl. 13(5): 439-445 (2003)
  • Oswin Aichholzer, Franz Aurenhammer, Hannes Krasser, Peter Brass: Pseudotriangulations from Surfaces and a Novel Type of Edge Flip. SIAM J. Comput. 32(6): 1621-1653 (2003)
  • Jie WeiIzidor Gertner: MRF-MAP-MFT visual object segmentation based on motion boundary field. Pattern Recognition Letters 24(16): 3125-3139 (2003)
  • Michael D. Grossberg, Shree K. Nayar: Determining the Camera Response from Images: What Is Knowable? IEEE Trans. Pattern Anal. Mach. Intell. 25(11): 1455-1467 (2003)
  • Jie Wei: Robust recovery of multiple light source based on local light source constant constraint. Pattern Recognition Letters 24(1-3): 159-172 (2003)
  • Gershon Elber, George Wolberg: Rendering traditional mosaics. The Visual Computer 19(1): 67-78 (2003)


Conference Papers or Book Chapters

  • Peter Brass, Eowyn Cenek, Christian A. Duncan, Alon Efrat, Cesim Erten, Dan Ismailescu, Stephen G. Kobourov, Anna Lubiw, Joseph S. B. Mitchell: On Simultaneous Planar Graph Embeddings. WADS 2003: 243-255
  • Peter Brass, Gyula Karolyi, Pavel Valtr: A Turan-type extremal theory for convex geometric graphs, in: Discrete and Computational Geometry - the Goodman-Pollack Festschrift. Algorithms Combinatorics 25, Springer 2003: 275-300
  • Helmut Alt, Peter Brass, Michael Godau, Christian Knauer, Carola Wenk: Computing the Hausdorff distance of geometric patterns and shapes, in: Discrete and Computational Geometry - the Goodman-Pollack Festschrift. Algorithms Combinatorics 25, Springer 2003: 65-76
  • Peter Brass: On point sets with no k collinear points, in: Discrete Geometry - In honor of W. Kuperberg's 60th birthday. Marcel Dekker, Pure and Applied Math. Ser. Vol. 253: 185-192 (2003)
  • Kathleen McKeown, Noemie Elhadad, Vasileios Hatzivassiloglou: Leveraging a Common Representation for Personalized Search and Summarization in a Medical Digital Library. JCDL 2003: 159-??
  • Regina Barzilay, Noemie Elhadad: Sentence Alignment for Monolingual Comparable Corpora. EMNLP 2003: 25-32
  • Rahul Swaminathan, Michael D. Grossberg, Shree K. Nayar: A Perspective on Distortions. CVPR (2) 2003: 594-601
  • Michael D. Grossberg, Shree K. Nayar: What is the Space of Camera Response Functions? CVPR (2) 2003: 602-612
  • Julie Barnes, Robert Bryant, Daniel D. McCracken, Susan Reiser: Teaching human-computer interaction: reports from the trenches. SIGCSE 2003: 125-126
  • Boris Aronov, Janos Pach, Micha Sharir, Gabor Tardos: Distinct distances in three and higher dimensions. STOC 2003: 541-546
  • Kaliappa Ravindran and Abbe Mowshowitz:Virtual organization': a service-level resource management framework for distributed network infrastructures Globecom 2003.
  • Marco T. Morazan, Douglas R. Troeger: List-Heap Paging in a Distributed Virtual Memory System for Functional Languages. PDPTA 2003: 1689-1695
  • Zhigang Zhu: Stereo Mosaics with Slanting Parallel Projections from Many Cameras or a Moving Camera. AIPR 2003: 263-268
  • Zhigang Zhu, Allen R. Hanson, Howard Schultz, Edward M. Riseman Generation and error characteristics of parallel-perspective stereo mosaics from real video. in: Video Registration, Video Computing Series, Kluwer Academic Publisher 2003: 72-105.