Registration Notes

Important Notes - Read Carefully


  • Registration for Winter 2021 & Spring 2021 begins on November 4th. Please check your CUNYfirst account for your specific date/time.
  • Your advising hold has not been placed on your record yet. Your assigned Academic Advisor is monitoring the holds, and once they appear on your record, they will be removed. Please note that if you are on hold for any reason, your advisor will notify you that your hold will not be removed at this time and what the next steps are regarding your situation.
  • Please be sure to only register for courses where you meet the pre-requisites, otherwise you risk being de-registered from that particular course.

Degree Works:

  • Pay close attention to Degree Works. If any Spring 2021 courses are flagged under the section, “Elective Classed NOT Allowed,” you must reply to the email that Ms. Crystal Sawyer sends out. DO NOT wait until the last minute to notify the department, as this may impact any aid that you may be receiving. Please note that the Degree Works issues do not get fixed right away, so we ask that you are patient in this process.

Regarding CSc 599xx Courses:

  • If you are interested in taking any CSc 599xx courses, the department will send out an email asking you to sign up for each course. Pre-requisites, the categories each course fulfills, and timelines as to when you will potentially be granted permission to register for the course/s will be indicated in the emails.

Regarding Senior Design I & II:

  • If you are currently in Senior Design I, you DO NOT need to reply to any emails regarding taking Senior Design II in Spring 2021. The department will grant you permission for Senior Design II with the instructor you have for Senior Design I in Fall 2020.
  • If you intend on registering for Senior Design I in Spring 2021, the CS department will send out an email regarding signing up for the class. Pre-requisites and timelines as to when you will potentially be granted permission to register for Senior Design I will be indicated in the email. If you are granted permission for Senior Design I, you will have permission to register for any section that has open seats (even if you replied to the email stating that you wanted to register for a particular section).


We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and patience during this time. Thank you.