Senior Design Projects Topics

FALL 2020 - SENIOR DESIGN I (CSc 59866)

(Sections & Project Topics)


SECTION 1CD – Professor Zhu

M = 11am-1:30pm; Tu = 10am-12:30pm

Topic - Supported by the course innovation grant from Moxie Foundation, we at the Grove School of Engineering work with the Branding + Integrated Communications (BIC) Creative Track in the Media and Communication Department and Zahn Innovation Center to push our Assistive Technology program to a new level.  This will be a collaboration across school board, and the common theme for the three parties – GSOE, BIC and Zahn will be the promotion of social good.  Technically,  the capstone projects need students to use a wide range of knowledge and tools in mobile computing, cloud services, web development, human computer interaction, AI and machine learning.

SECTION DD – Professor Vo

M,W = 12:30pm-1:45pm; Tu = 10am-12:30pm

Topic - Projects suggested in the course are software engineering and data science focused, however, students are welcome to propose their own projects.  A sample set of past projects:
- an iOS app that allows users to replicate landmark photos from others;
- an all-in-one app that consolidate availability of scooters and bikes from different vendors;
- a mobile app showing the safest routes in NYC based on crime data;
- HVAC, a building re-tuning analysis web suite;
- a PC upgrade recommendation system;
- an online platform for analyzing repos across GitHub, BitBucket and GitLab.

SECTION P – Professor Etemadpour

Tu,Th = 2pm-3:15pm; Tu = 10am-12:30pm

Topic - Programming and coding will be in Javascript, Python or Java.  Projects will use statistics knowledge and basic machine learning skills, and will involve developing visualization tools for analytical purposes.

SECTION 4TU – Professor Sessa

Th = 6:30pm-9pm; Fr = 1pm-3:30pm

Topic - This section is taught by an executive with a focus on healthcare data.  That means case studies and projects will have a heavy emphasis on how to solve healthcare related challenges, eg. epidemiology, public health, population health, patient access/equity and the like.  Teams will use both private data schema and publicly available data sets to design and implement innovations that will benefit the patient ecosystem using data analysis and visualization.

SECTION 5BC – Professor Yehooda

Fr = 10am-12:30pm; Fr = 1pm-3:30pm

Topic - In the senior design course the students will choose one of: Wix component, Square integration component, Slack integration, Bot for discord, Google Ad API integration, Venmo/Paypal integration, or any other platform components. The main skills developed in this course are: Identifying business value, Designing a software solution for delivering value, Presenting and communicating software design solution architecture, Engineering and deploying a software solution to a production environment, Teamwork, project management, professional development, Github, Hangouts, React Native, Node.Js, Visual Studio Code.