CUNY EDGE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I apply to CUNY EDGE?

The CUNY EDGE program supports matriculated CUNY undergraduate students who receive cash assistance from the Human Resources Administration (HRA). If you are a potential student, please schedule an appointment via Navigate.

Is it mandatory to be a CUNY EDGE student?

Yes, when the HRA waiver period concludes, participation in CUNY EDGE will help you keep your HRA case active.

What is an HRA-154 School Letter form?

An HRA-154 School Enrollment Letter is a training enrollment form required to be completed every semester in order to confirm your enrollment at CUNY to HRA.

What will count as activity on my HRA-154 school enrollment letter?

The options for engagement while attending school consist of but are not limited to the following: Classes, Internships, Federal Work Study, Volunteer Work & Community Service, University related Fellowships & Supervised Study/Homework time.

What services does CUNY EDGE offer?

The program provides students with services including advisement sessions, tutoring referrals, job readiness seminars, limited financial assistance in the form of tuition assistance and participation incentives. Our primary goal with this holistic approach is to support our students' academic success while in college and encourage employment upon graduation.

Our office also has a computer lab and study hall available for your use!

How can I stay an active CUNY EDGE student?

A CUNY EDGE student, like students in other programs, is one who remains an active member in their community.

What is a monthly engagement?

Students must meet with their CUNY EDGE advisor at least once a month via different modes such as Zoom video conferencing, telephone calls, text messages, email exchanges, in-person meetings and participation in CUNY EDGE events. Monthly advisement will give you the personalized support you need to succeed academically while also complying with HRA's requirements.

We will talk about:

  • Your goals
  • Your academic progress
  • Your classes and class attendance
  • Your internships and work experience

Can I be a part of other programs as a CUNY EDGE student?

Students can participate in other CUNY programs such as SEEK, Honors Center, ACE & Bottom Line at the same time as CUNY EDGE.

What is the HRA Fellowship program?

The Fellowship program allows students to meet HRA's 30 hour weekly requirement. HRA determines eligibility and the number of hours each student is assigned. CUNY EDGE staff identify available work opportunities on campus. We screen and match students to appropriate sites, taking into consideration their majors, interests and experience.

Last Updated: 09/20/2023 09:06