CUNY EDGE’s mission is to help CUNY students who are receiving public assistance achieve academic excellence, graduate on time, and find employment. CUNY EDGE has a small amount of funding to encourage behavior that will help students reach these goals:

  • CUNY EDGE/Mitsui USA Scholarships: The City University of New York CUNY EDGE program has receives a grant from the Mitsui USA foundation to support the CUNY EDGE/Mitsui USA Scholarships. Two (2) scholarships will be awarded to students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree, each in the amount of $6,580.

Funds will be applied towards tuition and paid directly to the college. All funds must be used to support educational expenses.The scholarship will be applied in equal amounts over two semesters of study

  •  Intersession Tuition Assistance: Limited tuition support for intersession and summer classes.
  •  Student Incentives: Students who earned a grade point average of 3.0 or higher during the Fall semester may receive a $60 gift card. Only CUNY EDGE students who are actively engaged in the program are eligible for academic achievement incentives.


CUNY EDGE, formally known as the COPE program, has expanded its student services to provide new benefits and support for you! Have questions about your major, your classes, or your career? CUNY EDGE is here for you!

Do you want to: 

  • thrive in college? 
  • graduate on time?
  • find a job?

CUNY EDGE CUNY EDGE offers you: 

  • Advisement on your classes and career 
  • Seminars on ways to succeed in college and work 
  • Cafeteria or bookstore vouchers Summer/intersession tuition to stay on track (if you qualify)
  • Connection to internship and job resources

Last Updated: 09/20/2023 08:45