EE Undergraduate Graduation Check

Graduating Soon?


Preliminary Graduation Check

As soon as a student has completed 96 credits, he/she can apply for the Preliminary Graduation Check that is conducted by the GSOE Office of Undergraduate Affairs.

The Check consists of two parts:

  • The EE HEO (Higher Education Officer) carries out the first part: the Graduating Student Survey and Interview. During the interview the student can express his/her opinion about the EE program in general and its objectives in particular. A standardized survey about the EE program outcomes is also carried out at this time. At the end of the interview, the student is asked to fill out a request for the Preliminary Graduation Check.
  • As per this official request, the GSOE (Grove School of Engieering) Office of Undergraduate Affairs performs the check with a purpose to see whether the student is going to meet the College and EE program requirements within the senior year. CCNY degree requirements are described in the City College Undergraduate Bulletin. The student is officially notified about the results of the check by mail. The notification letter lists the requirements that have been fulfilled and the requirements that are outstanding. The student and his/her advisor should plan the senior year in such a manner as to satisfy any outstanding requirements for successful graduation.

Graduation Check

During registration for the last semester, a student should officially apply for the Graduation Check. Please refer to your Student Self Service account in CUNYFirst to apply for graduation.