Tech Fee

CUNY's Guiding Principles

The Technology Fee casts the students as consumers of technology provided by the college;expenditures of that revenue should be on resources and projects having a perceptible effect and demonstrable impact on students.
Technology expenditures are most needed and most likely to be felt by students in academic uses of technology. Faculty development, the purchase of software/personal computers, increased access to computer laboratories, etc, should have priority.
Requiring staffing, support, maintenance and upgrades, technology is never a short term or one-shot investment, and so any investment in technology should be the result of strategic planning, done with an eye to sustainability and scalability.

What Can Be Requested

The Student Technology Fee funds must be used to improve technological services for students. The Technology Fee can fund items such as computers and other related hardware (servers, printers, scanners, storage devices, network infrastructure, etc). The Technology Fee also funds software, online services and the staff necessary to make these available. Funds can be used to provide innovations in curricular related activities in which students will have direct access to emerging technologies.

Tech Fee Plans

Last Updated: 03/17/2022 14:00