The Center for Metamaterials is an NSF‐sponsored Industry/University Cooperative Research Center. We provide a forum for cooperative research on the development and application of metamaterials. Metamaterials are patterned and/or composite materials that exhibit effective permittivity, permeability or refractive index properties not found in nature. These are commonly the result of resonant phenomena arising from the subwavelength-scaled elements forming those patterns or composites. The smaller these elements or meta-atoms, with respect to the wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation, the better the metamaterial satisfies effective medium criteria and can be treated as a genuinely new material. Such materials have the potential to provide index values that are very large, less than unity or negative, all of which have broad applications.

The Center’s mission is to provide a collaborative multi-university facility to research, design, fabricate and test a wide range of metamaterials. There is strong industry interest in metamaterials, as they are being used to develop new or higher-performing optical, electronic, and acoustic devices.

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David Crouse

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