Asale Angel-Ajani

Assistant Professor

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Black Studies Program

International Studies

Areas of Expertise/Research

  • Immigration and Refugees in Europe, Africa, and Asia
  • Global Trends in the Incarceration and Imprisonment of Women and Girls
  • Human Rights in Africa, Latin America, and Asia
  • Drug Trafficking and Women
  • Immigration Detention


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Asale Angel-Ajani

Asale Angel-Ajani


Asale Angel-Ajani is a writer, scholar and activist with expertise on Global Mass Incarceration, the African Diaspora, and the rights of women. She is the author of two books, Strange Trade: The Story of Two Women Who Risked Everything in the International Drug Trade and the forthcoming, Parasitic States and Penal Colonies: Gender, Migration and the Carceral World Order and co-editor, with Victoria Sanford, of Engaged Observer: Activism, Advocacy and Anthropology. Over the last two decades, Angel-Ajani has worked with incarcerated women and men all over the world and has worked with refugees and displaced people in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Colombia, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Italy, Spain, and Greece. She has been a research fellow at the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Institute and was the first American researcher to gain entry into Italy's Rebibbia Prison, where she wrote about African immigrants detained there. A graduate of Stanford University, Angel-Ajani has her doctorate in Anthropology. She also holds an MFA in Creative Writing. She teaches a variety of courses but her favorite offerings explore the rise of the carceral state in a global context, creative writing, and Women of Color Feminist Theory.




Strange Trade: The Story of Two Women Who Risked Everything in the International Drug Trade

Deaeuses de Droque, Paris: Original Books [translated from the English original Strange Trade]

Engaged Observer:Anthropology, Advocacy and Activism


Forthcoming Books:

Parasitic States and Penal Colonies: Gender, Migration, and the Carceral World Order 

A Country You Can Leave (Novel)


Selected Publications

Peer-reviewed Scholarly Journal Articles 

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Chapters in Edited Volumes 

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Editorial, Long Form Essay 

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