Bao Q. Vuong

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  • Molecular Biology
  • Immunology
  • Biotechnology


CDI - South Campus


CDI 12.306 (office) | CDI 12.121 (lab)



Bao Q. Vuong


PhD, Columbia University
MPhil, Columbia University
MA, Columbia University
BS, Cornell University


Research Interest

Our lab seeks to understand the processes that promote antibody diversification. We use molecular, biochemical, cellular, genetic, and immunological approaches to understand how B cells modify the DNA coding sequence of the antibody. Although the primary function of antibody diversification is to mount the most effective immune response, aberrant DNA modifications can activate genes that can cause cancer. These studies are critical in understanding how we can manipulate antibody diversity to drive more effective immune responses and how specific proteins are redirected towards permitting cancerous cell growth rather than immunity.


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