Bruce Cronin


Areas of Expertise/Research

  • Civilian Casualties of War
  • Humanitarian Intervention Issues


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Bruce Cronin

Bruce Cronin


Professor Cronin received his Ph.D. from Columbia University and was a post-doctoral research fellow at the Center for International Affairs at Harvard University. He has also taught at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Cronin's specialties are in the fields of international law, international organizations, and human rights.


Ph.D. Columbia University, 1994

Courses Taught


B6928: Human Rights in World Politics
B6100: Theories of International Relations


PSC 22300: U.S. Foreign Policy
PSC 25300: International Law
PSC 25400: International Organizations




Bugsplat: The Politics of Collateral Damage in Western Armed Conflicts (Oxford University Press, 2018)


The UN Security Council and the Politics of International Authority (Routledge, 2007), co-edited with Ian Hurd


Institutions for the Common Good: International Protection Regimes in International Society (Cambridge University Press, 2003)


Community Under Anarchy (Columbia University Press, 1999)



Recent Articles


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