The Political Science Department offers a wide variety of courses on politics, law and government. These courses explore political institutions of every kind: executive and legislative bodies, courts and legal systems, bureaucracies, political parties, interest groups and coalitions, mass media, structures of international cooperation and conflict, ethnic, religious and ideological movements.

We try to understand where political power is, how it operates, whose interests it serves—who gets what, when, where, how. But we also ask not only how political institutions work, but how they should work, what human values they serve or violate, and what is the ultimate meaning and purpose of political life.

The department prepares people for careers in politics and in government employment generally in law, mass communications, health professions and in every aspect of private and public planning. Our central vocation however, is to give students the knowledge and awareness they will need to become free men and women, as well as active citizens.








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Summer courses are a great way to speed your way to graduation, offering a more intensive and focused learning experience over a shorter amount of time. There are two summer sessions in 2022; the first is in June and the second in July.  All Political Science course will be in a hybrid format, with some instruction online and some in person to spare students long commute and long class sessions.

For the Fall, we have a really exciting line up of Political Science courses--both online and in-person. We've especially excited about some new instructors who will be offering innovative courses. We highlight a few of them below. We also have many terrific courses from the regular faculty. 

For advising: Undergraduates should consult with Professor Richard Bernstein or Professor Daniel DiSalvo.

FALL 2022


PSC 21700 Mass Media and Politics 

Instructor: James Fontanella, a leading journalist for the Financial Times.


PSC 221 US Congress (online)

Instructor: Kevin Kosar, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) in Washington, a leading think tank, where he studies the US Congress, election reform, and the US Postal Service.


PSC 256 Contemporary World Conflict

Instructor: Raphaelle Kahn, the Jerome Levy Postdoctoral Fellow at City College. She is also an Associate at the Harvard Asia Center.

PSC 259 Human Rights and Human Wrongs

Instructor: Dirk Moses, the incoming Spitzer Chair in International Relations at CCNY and one of the leading  experts on genocide in the world.


PSC 265 Human Rights: Philosophy and History

Instructor: Gara LaMarche​, he was previously the president of the Democracy Alliance and a senior fellow at New York University’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service.



Dan DiSalvo

Daniel DiSalvo,

Political Science

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Jenifer Roman

Departmental Administrator

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