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Charles Maldarelli

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Charles Maldarelli



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Steinman Hall, 1M-15
Phone Number: 
(212) 650-8160
(212) 650-6660
Personal Website:

B.S.Chemical Engineering, Columbia University

M.S.Chemical Engineering, Columbia University

D.E.S. Chemical Engineering, Columbia University

Courses Taught

Transport Phenomena I (Fluid Mechanics), Transport Phenomena II (Heat and Mass Transfer), and Probability and Statistics 

Interfacial Phenomena, Mass Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, and Engineering Mathematics

Research Interests

Our research centers on phenomena on the micro and nanoscale. We are particularly interested in the adsorption of surfactants at fluid interfaces and their influence on interfacial flows, colloidal hydrodynamics, microfluidic phenomena as it relates to lab on a chip platforms for diagnostic assays and biosensing, the microhydrodynamics of spreading, hydrodynamic slip at an interface and the dynamics of colloids at a fluid-fluid interface. Our group studies these phenomena both experimentally – using transmission, fluorescence and confocal microscopy for visualization of the motions of droplets and colloids,and soft lithography for the fabrication of transparent microfluidics cells and diagnostic assaying - and theoretically using continuum and molecular dynamics simulations. Specific problems currently under study include multiphase flows in narrow capillaries, mass transfer from moving fluid droplets, thin film instabilities, and biomembrance deformation phenomena.


Some representative publications over the past few years are:

Colloidal Hydrodynamics

Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Motion of Colloidal Nanoparticles in a Solute Concentration Gradient and a Comparison to the Continuum Limit, , N.S. Mood, J. Koplik, and C. Maldarelli, Physical Review Letters, 2013, 111, 184501.

Diffusiophoretic Self-Propulsion of Colloids Driven By a Surface Reaction, N.S. Mood, J. Koplik, and C. Maldarelli, Phys. Fluids, 2013, 25, 012001.


A Lipobead Microarray Assembled by Particle Entrapment in a Microfluidic Obstacle Course and Used for the Display of Cell Membrane Receptors, X. Chen, S. Shojaei-Zadeh, M.L. Gilchrist, and C. Maldarelli, Lab on a Chip, 2013, 13, 3041-3060.

Highly Crosslinked Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Microbeads With Uniformly DispersedQuantum Dot Nanocrystals. S. Shojaei-Zadeh, J. Morris, A. Couzis and C. Maldarelli, Journal of Colloid andInterface Science, 2011, 363, 25-33.

Microhydrodynamics of Spreading

On the Microhydrodynamics of Superspreading. C. Maldarelli, Journal of Fluid Mechanics,2011, 670, 1-4.

Atomistic Simulations of the Wetting Behavior of Nanodroplets of Water on Homogeneousand Phase Separated Self Assembled Monolayers. J. Halverson, C. Maldarelli, A. Couzis and J. Koplik, Soft Matter, 2010, 6, 1297-1307.

Wetting of Hydrophobic Substrates by Nanodroplets of Aqueous Trisiloxane andAlkyl Polyethoxylates Surfactant Solutions. J. Halverson, C. Maldarelli, A. Couzis, and J. Koplik, Chemical Engineering Science, 2009, 64, 4657-4667.

A Molecular Dynamics Study of the Motion of a Nanodroplet of a Pure Liquid on aWetting Gradient. J. Halverson,C. Maldarelli, A. Couzis, and J. Koplik, Journal of Chemical Physics, 2008, 129, 1-12.

Surfactant Transport at an Interface

Fluorescence Visualization andModeling of a Micelle-Free Zone Formed at the InterfaceBetween an Oil and an Aqueous Micellar Phase During Interfacial Surfactant Transport. N. Bhole, F. Huang, and C. Maldarelli, Langmuir, 2010, 26, 15761-15778.

Modeling the Dynamic Folding and Surface-Activity of a Helical Peptide Adsorbing to aPendant BubbleInterface. V. Jain, C. Maldarelli, and R. Tu, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 2009, 331, 364-370.

A Transport Model For The Adsorption Of Surfactant From Micelle SolutionsOnto A Clean Air/Water Interface In The Limit Of Rapid Aggregate Disassembly Relative To Diffusion And Supporting Dynamic TensionExperiments. Q. Song, A. Couzis, P. Somasundaran, and C. Maldarelli, Colloids and Surfaces A, 2006,282-283, 162-182.

Theory and experiment on the stagnant cap regime in the motion of spherical surfactantladen bubbles.Palaparthi, R., Papageorgiou, D. and Maldarelli, C. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2006, 559,1-44.

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