Charusheel Bapat

Associate Professor

Main Affiliation

Mechanical Engineering


Steinman Hall ST - 219


(212) 650-5214


(212) 650-8013


Charusheel Bapat


Ph.D. (M.E.), 1982, University of Manitoba M. Tech., 1975, University of Manitoba B.E., 1973, Poona University

Courses Taught

Nonlinear vibroimpact systems Vibration control using impact dampers Monitoring of mechanical systems using vibrations chaotic motion 

Research Interests

Prof. Bapat's research has involved collaborations with other investigators from the University of Manitoba, Concordia University and Stevens Institute. He has investigated nonlinear vibrating systems with collisions with rigid and elastic members. He has developed exact closed form solutions for systems governed by 2-D wave equation and transverse vibration of beams. He has extensively studied impact dampers, impact pairs and impact oscillator.


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