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Dina Lopez

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Dina Lopez

Assistant Professor

Education Program
North Academic Center
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Dina Lopez

Professor Dina López was born in Guatemala and raised in Providence, Rhode Island. After receiving her BA in Community Health from Brown University, she worked with community-based organizations in Providence around issues of adult literacy, language education, and immigrant rights. Professor López moved to the New York area to pursue an MS in Adult Education (with a focus on literacy) at Fordham University. She received her Doctorate of Education in International Educational Development from Teachers College, Columbia University. Her dissertation research was an ethnographic study of an English Literacy and Civics Education program in New York City—examining how federal policy was enacted by local policy actors.


Ed.D. Teachers College, Columbia University, International Educational  Development

M.S. Fordham University, Adult Education (Concentration in Literacy)

B.A. Brown University, Community Health

Identity, Agency, and Language Learning: An Ethnographic Study of an English Literacy and Civics Education Program in New York City

Research Interests

Dina López's research is located at the intersection of sociocultural approaches to language and literacy, the anthropology of education, and immigration and education.  Through her work, she examines the situated nature of educational practices, particularly as they relate to processes of social identification and student agency.  Her research is motivated by a desire to understand how language learners are positioned and position themselves in school and community discourses—attending to how global and transnational processes are manifested at the local level. 


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