A. Dirk Moses


Anne & Bernard Spitzer Chair in International Relations

Main Affiliation

Political Science

Areas of Expertise/Research

  • Genocide
  • Human Rights







Dirk Moses

A. Dirk Moses


Dirk Moses is the Anne and Bernard Spitzer Professor of Political Science. He researches different aspect of genocide. Before coming to City, he was the Frank Porter Graham Distinguished Professor of Global Human Rights History at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He also taught at the University of Sydney and the European University Institute in Florence, Italy.

While completing his first book, German Intellectuals and the Nazi Past (2007), he edited three anthologies on genocide and colonialism: Genocide and Settler Society: Frontier Violence and Stolen Indigenous Children (2004), Colonialism and Genocide (2007), and Empire, Colony Genocide: Conquest, Occupation and Subaltern Resistance in World History (2008). Since then, he has been researching postcolonial conflict in Africa and South Asia for his project on the “Diplomacy of Genocide.” His investigation of the origins and function of the genocide concept appears in his second monograph, The Problems of Genocide (2021). Dirk is also working on a book called “Genocide and the Terror of History” about traumatic memory and the constitution of genocidal subjectivities.

Dirk has held fellowships at the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum; at the  Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, D.C; and at the Zentrum für Zeithistorische Forschung in Potsdam as an Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Fellow. He was a visiting fellow at the WZB Center for Global Constitutionalism in Berlin in September-October 2019, and senior fellow at the Lichtenberg-Kolleg in Göttingen in the winter of 2019-20.


Dirk has been senior editor of the Journal of Genocide Research since 2011and co-edits the War and Genocide book series for Berghahn Books. He is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of African Military History, Journal of Perpetrator ResearchPatterns of PrejudiceMemory Studies, Journal of Mass Violence Research,  borderland e-journal, and Monitor: Global Intelligence of RacismHe also serves on advisory board of the Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies, the UCD Centre for War Studies, the Memory Studies Association, and the RePast project.




PhD University of California at Berkeley, 2000.
MA University of Notre Dame, 1994.
MPhil University of St. Andrews,1990.
BA University of Queensland, 1987.

Courses Taught

PSC 25900 Human Rights and Human Wrongs
PSC 31266 Genocide in Global Perspective
PSC 35800 Humanitarian Intervention


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(Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2021).

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paperback 2009). Winner of the H-Soz-u-Kult ‘The Historical Book of the Year’ prize for 2008, category of Contemporary History. 

Decolonization, Self-Determination, and the Rise of Global Human Rights Politics
(Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020).
Contributing co-editor with Marco Duranti and Roland Burke.

The Holocaust in Greece (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018).
Edited with Giorgos Antoniou.

Postcolonial Conflict and the Question of Genocide: The Nigeria-Biafra War, 1967–1970 (Abingdon: Routledge, 2018). Edited with Lasse Heerten.

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