Javier O. Garcia


Assistant Professor, Advertising & Public Relations

Areas of Expertise/Research

  • Advertising
  • Branding and Integrated Communications
  • Communications
  • Creativity
  • Digital Marketing
  • Diversity in Advertising and Public Relations
  • Marketing


Shepard Hall



Javier O. Garcia


A two-time graduate of CCNY, Javier teaches as an Assistant Professor in the Advertising & Public Relations program and the Branding & Integrated Communications program. Javier previously served as an Account Executive on household brands such as Colgate-Palmolive, and produced fully integrated global campaigns for LG, and Dell.

Javier teaches MCA 210 Intro to Advertising & MCA 375 Advertising Management in the Spring and Fall semesters, and in Spring 2024, he will teach two additional offerings: MCA B2056, the Portfolio Thesis in Management & Planning, and, alongside Professors Ed Keller and John Totoro, he will co-teach MCA 31162, a semester-long research project on behalf of the New York Giants.

Javier’s research is focused on exploring the value of human creativity, with a recent interest in the trends of heightened investments in artificial intelligence, and the ongoing disinvestment in areas such as professional and personal development, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Courses Taught

MCA 210: Introduction to Advertising

The fundamentals of the advertising industry. Students analyze advertising campaigns from a marketing viewpoint and evaluate media placement, audience, message and overall effectiveness of the visual and written components. Advertising strategies are explored and utilized as students develop an advertising campaign on an assigned topic.

MCA 375: Advertising Management

An introduction to the basic management principles of the advertising business. Readings and discussions on the economic, social and legal aspects of the industry with an emphasis on advertising's role in a marketing plan, consumer behavior, market segmentation, and position strategy.

MCA 361: Internet Marketing (Strategic SEO & SEM)

This course provides a semester-long look at the internet as a marketing medium. Through the study of case studies, past and recent articles, trend forecasts and other immersive experiences, this course will offer students a deeper understanding of the rise and role of internet and its vast landscape of mediums and platforms as a marketing communications medium and content delivery vehicle. Students will immerse themselves in the language and practices of internet marketing, analyzing the best and not-so-best practices of leading Fortune 500 and smaller, scrappier brands and demonstrate their proficiency in their underlying practices and principles through a series of projects, exams and presentations.

MCA 31162: CCNY x New York Giants Special Research Project

In this special topics course, students work on an assignment for the New York Giants. Students spend the semester collaborating on an integrated communications research project, analyzing communications on channels including, but not limited to, social media and digital content, influencer marketing, above-the-line communications, events, and retail. At the end of the semester, students present their findings to representatives from the New York Giants, key members of CCNY's faculty and executive leadership and other distinguished guests.