Masahiro Kawaji


Main Affiliation

Mechanical Engineering


Steinman Hall ST-241


(212) 650 8584


(212) 650 8013


Masahiro Kawaji


Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley, 1984 M.S. University of California, Berkeley, 1979 B.A.Sc., University of Toronto, 1978

Courses Taught

Fluid Mechanics Reactor Physics and Engineering Reactor Thermal-Hydraulics

Research Interests

Multiphase flow and phase change heat transfer, nuclear reactor thermal-hydraulics and safety analysis, microfluidics, micro-heat pipes, microgravity fluid physics and transport phenomena, thermal energy storage.


Keynote Papers and Presentations

  • Kawaji, M., Fournaison, L. and Guilpart, J., 2007. Understanding of Ice Slurry and Low Temperature Phase Change Slurries for Thermal Storage and Transport Applications, Paper ICR07-E1-1068 in Proc. of the International Congress of Refrigeration, August 21-26, 2007, Beijing, China.
  • Kawaji, M., 2008. Unique Aspects of Adiabatic Two-Phase Flow in Microchannels, a Keynote paper presented at the Third ECI International Conference on Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in Microscale, September 21-26 2008, Whistler, B.C., Canada.
  • Kawaji, M., 2010. Macroscopic and Microscale Phenomena encountered in Multiphase Energy Storage and Transport Systems, to be presented at the International Heat Transfer Conference, August 8-10, 2010, Washington D.C., USA.


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  • Kabov O., Kawaji, M. Ohta, H. and Zhao, J.F. (Ed.), 2009. Journal of Microgravity Science and Technology, Vol. 21, Supplement 1, September, 2009.

Journal Papers

  • Kawahara, A., Chung. P.M.Y., and Kawaji, M., 2002. Investigation of two-phase flow pattern, void fraction and pressure drop in a microchannel. International J. Multiphase Flow, Vol. 28/9, pp. 1411-1435.
  • Hassan, S., Lyubimova, T.P., Lyubimov, D.V. and Kawaji, M., 2006. The effects of vibrations on particle motion in a semi-infinite fluid cell. ASME J. Applied Mechanics, Vol. 73(4), pp. 610-621.
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  • Saadatmand, M. and Kawaji, M., 2010. Effect of Viscosity on Vibration-Induced Particle Motion under Microgravity. Microgravity Science and Technology, in press.

Additional Information

Specific Projects

  • Adiabatic gas-liquid two-phase flow in microchannels
  • Buoyancy-induced intermittent flow phenomena in nuclear reactors
  • Pulsating heat pipes with self-rewetting fluids
  • Phase change nano-emulsions for thermal energy storage
  • Vibration effects on fluid-particle systems under microgravity
  • Marangoni convection in liquid bridges under microgravity
  • Phase equilibrium behavior of bitumen-gas mixtures
  • Thermal diffusion in binary and tertiary mixtures
  • Heat transfer enhancement in rotary kilns