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Nancy Stern

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Nancy Stern

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Nancy Stern

Nancy Stern is an Associate Professor of Bilingual Education & TESOL at The City College School of Education. Her research interests include the semantics and pragmatics of English grammar, educational linguistics, and bilingualism.  Her experience prior to joining the CCNY SOE in Fall 2003 included teaching adult ESOL at the college level. She is the Director of the Multilingual Learner Project, a US Department of Education project funded by a National Professional Development grant.

  • Ph.D., CUNY Graduate Center (Linguistics)  
  • M.Phil,  CUNY Graduate Center (Linguistics)  
  • B.A., College of William and Mary (Sociology)
Courses Taught

EDCE 2600C, Linguistics for Teachers

EDCE 6700C, Phonology of English and Other Languages for Teachers

EDCE 35600, Language, Mind & Society


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Stern, Nancy.  2016. Word order as a signal of meaning: English reflexive pronouns and why we behave ourselves.  In Leanne Rolston (ed.), University of Washington Working Papers in Linguistics (pp. 111-119).

Stern, N. 2016. A Functional Account of Grammatical Number in English Reflexive Pronouns. Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America.  DOI:

Otheguy, Ricardo & Nancy Stern. 2013. Scholars and citizens: Judging the unfortunate term “Spanglish.”  Anthropology News, December 2013.  (Response to Urciuoli 2013, Is “Spanglish” a bad term?)

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