Prathap Ramamurthy

Associate Professor

Areas of Expertise/Research

  • Climate Change
  • Energy Sustainability
  • Environmental Fluid Dyanmics
  • Urban Boundary Layer


Steinman Hall





Prathap Ramamurthy


Prathap Ramamurthy joined CCNY in 2015 where he is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Earth System Science & Environmental Engineering. His research examines the relationship between climate and human activity in urban areas. His work combines scaleable field experiments with numerical models to characterize turbulent transport of mass, momentum and energy in the urban boundary layer. His current projects include understanding the mechanisms that exacerbate urban heat island intensity in large cities and their synergistic interaction with heat waves, and developing mitigation strategies to moderate the urban climate. He is also working with the NOAA-CREST center to operationalize remote sesning tools to study urban climate. Another area of active reseach is to understand the dynamics of coastal urban boundary layer dynamics and their impact on convective cloud and thunderstoms.
Prathap Ramamurthy is a Member of American Metorological Society's Urban Climate Board. He is also an Associate Editor of ASME's Solar Engineering Journal.


Bachelor of Engineering,Mechanical Engineering, Madras University 2002

Masters, Mechanical Engineering, University of Utah 2006

PhD Mechanical Engineering, University of Utah 2011

PostDoctoral Research Scholar, Princeton University 2011-2014

Courses Taught

Fluid Mechanics (UG)

Heat Transfer (UG)

Turbulence (G)

Building Energy and Environment (G)

Solar & Thermal Engineering (G)

Research Interests

Biosphere-atmosphere interactions over complex terrains, Boundary Layer Meteorology, Urbanization, Sustainability and Climate Change.



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