Sang-Woo Seo

Associate Professor

Main Affiliation

Electrical Engineering


Steinman Hall


ST 502


(212) 650-7889


(212) 650-8249

Sang-Woo Seo


Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, GA. 2003

M.S. in Information and Communications, Kwangju Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea 1999

B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Ajou University, South Korea. 1997

Research Interests

Theoretical analysis of photonic devices and systems, Nano/micro fabrication and processing, 3D Photonic Integration/Packaging, Optical MEMs for biological applications, Integrated Microsystems using RF, bioMEMs, and Photonics, Integrated Microfluidics, Flexible photonics devices for sensors and display.




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