Sean Boson

Organic Chemistry

Areas of Expertise/Research

  • Chemistry


Marshak Science Building



Sean Boson


Ph.D., Cambridge University, UK.

Courses Taught

Chem 26100 Organic Chemistry I lecture

Chem 26200 Organic Chem Lab (non-major)

Chem 26300 Organic Chemistry II lecture

Chem 27200 Organic Chem Lab  I (Chem major)

Chem 37400 Organic Chem Lab  II (Chem major)

Chem 10100 General Chemistry I lecture

Chem 21000 Chemistry for Biomedical Engineers

Research Interests

Synthesis of novel Organic compounds of medicinal importance; research on understanding the characteristics of Beta-carboline, which is a potential anti-cancer agent.


James Wynne, Christopher Lloyd, Samuel Jensen, Sean Boson, and Wayne Stalick. “3-Acylindoles via a One-Pot, Regioselective Friedel-Crafts Reaction”. SYNTHESIS. 2004, No 14, 2277.

G. W. Mushrush, W. M. Stalick, E. J. Beal, Sean Boson, E. Slone, and John Cummings. “The synthesis of acetals and ketals of the reduced sugar Mannose as fuel system icing inhibitors”. Petro. Sc. and Tech., 1997, 15(3&4), 237.