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Dear Faculty,

As many of you prepare to return to campus, I wanted to ensure that you are aware of the campus access protocols.  Every person coming to campus must show proof of vaccination or have a negative COVID test result that is no more than seven days old. This is done through your Cleared4 account.

Adjuncts only

Most adjuncts have a start date in CUNY First of 1/28/2022.  This means your Cleared4 account is in a state of “paused.”  Because your account is paused, it means that your vaccination information from CUNY First has not been sent across to Cleared4.  This is the case only if your vaccine information was entered after your previous term's last day on payroll (for many this was 12/22/2021).  CUNY will be reactivating these accounts for Adjuncts with start date of 1/28/2022 at 6:00AM on the 28th (Friday).  I suggest that you check your account on Friday sometime after 8:00AM to ensure it is working.

All Faculty

Please test your Cleared4 link prior to needing to come to campus.  Do not expect that you will show up on the first day you are teaching and that everything will be fine with your access pass (check it and know that it is going to work).  If it doesn’t work or you cannot find your personal link, send an email to .  Make sure you include your full name and EMPLID if you know it. 

If your access was terminated because you were unable to take a random test during the time period you were away from campus, it will be restored once you take a test at one of the CUNY testing centers and receive a negative result.

If you are unvaccinated, remember that you must test at a CUNY COVID testing site and that it takes 24 to 48 hours for the results.  Please plan this ahead of time.  If your account is paused, they will not let you in to test (primarily this impacts adjuncts as mentioned above).  If that is the case, please email  and mention that you need to test and your account is paused (include your full name and EMPLID).  We can activate your account manually which will allow you to test (this doesn’t provide access as that must wait on the test result).  Also, you will not be able to test if your DOB and mobile phone number are not in Cleared4.  To enter that information, you will click on your personal link using a web browser on your computer (phones will not work for this step) and you can enter that information.

Additional information about COVID Safety and Protocols can be found in our reopening plan and guidance from Human Resources.

I understand that this is difficult and can be confusing.  We are here to help you as best as we can during this reopening.  Please have patience with us as the requests are many and the staff are few.



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