May 19, 2022
All CCNY/CUNY campus visitors, whether accessing indoor or outdoor spaces, must provide proof of vaccination or proof of negative COVID-19 PCR test performed by an accredited lab no more than 7 days prior to the visit.  Vaccination proof may be shown through a CDC or an international equivalent vaccination card, the New York Excelsior Pass, NYC COVID Safe or CUNY Cleared-4.  Access through a negative test result requires the test result email or printout from the licensed test provider or through NYC COVID Safe. Outdoor Commencement Ceremonies Unvaccinated individuals are… Read More »

April 05, 2022
Dear CCNY Community, I wanted to let you know about the updated schedule during Spring Break, as it relates to the safeCircle Covid-19 Testing Center at City College. The Testing Center will be closed from Friday, April 15 - 18 and will open back up on Tuesday, April 19 for the duration of Spring Break. If you are working during Spring Break and require testing to be on campus, please make sure you take into account the shortened testing schedule.  Sincerely, Ken Ihrer Vice President of Operations Chief Information Officer The City College of New York 160 Convent Avenue New… Read More »

March 07, 2022
Dear CCNY Community, As many of you are aware, CUNY has lifted the temporary mask mandate for all campuses. What does this mean for us? It means that you can now go throughout campus, both indoors and outdoors, without wearing a mask if you so choose. Those who are unvaccinated are still encouraged to wear a mask. I realize that for some of you, this is a concern and one that you are not comfortable with. For those of you who are concerned, the best way to make sure you have enhanced protection under these circumstances—apart from making sure your vaccination is up to date-- is… Read More »

March 05, 2022
Dear CUNY Community,  In response to revised guidance issued by the CDC last week, we are lifting the temporary mask mandate that has been in place since August 2021 and required all CUNY students, faculty, staff, and visitors to wear masks inside University campuses, office buildings, classrooms, and other non-enclosed spaces. This policy change, which takes effect on Monday, March 7, follows recent announcements by Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams that ended mask mandates for pre-K through 12th-grade schools across New York State and City.  Anyone who would like to continue… Read More »

February 15, 2022
Dear CCNY Community, The Cleared4 Health Check system is not operational this morning for most individuals.  Public Safety has been notified and will allow entry to your class or work area.  Please only enter the campus if you are vaccinated or have a valid negative COVID test.  As soon as the system is restored I will be updating you. Sincerely, Ken Ihrer Vice President of Operations Chief Information Officer The City College of New York 160 Convent Avenue New York, NY 10031

February 09, 2022
Dear CCNY Community, As you may have heard, Governor Hochul lifted the mask mandate for New York State.  However, this change in policy does not impact CUNY as of this memo.  CUNY is still enforcing a mask mandate while in CUNY buildings.  Please make sure you are wearing your masks properly while on campus to protect yourself and others. Please note that CCNY has purchased KN95 masks, which are available to you at the security guard stations.  If you need a mask or want a higher quality mask, please ask a security guard for a KN95. If CUNY changes its policy on masking, I am… Read More »

February 03, 2022
Dear CUNY employee, As you may know, the CUNY Board of Trustees voted on Monday to authorize a vaccine mandate for faculty, non-teaching instructional staff and employees in the Executive Compensation Plan in compliance with a public policy directive issued by Governor Hochul on December 31. This policy will help to ensure a continued safe return to in-person classes, programs and facilities and further protect our University community. The policy requires all full- and part-time faculty, all non-teaching instructional staff (which includes, among others, NTAs, CLTs and those… Read More »

February 02, 2022
Accessing CLEARED4 can be quick and easy, if you save the pass to your mobile device home screen.  To do so visit: iOS: Android: As generic examples, these links provide a helpful walk-thru on how to add a web link to your home screen. Once you have access the Cleared4 Pass through the personal link (which is/would be sent to your email from ) all that you need to do is add the website to your device home… Read More »

January 28, 2022
I write to update you on space available on campus for connecting to an online class during the Spring semester. The spaces are as follows, with room capacities in parentheses: Library The Tech Center, including STC1 (50), STC2 (35), STC3 (35) The following rooms in NAC   4/148 (20) 4/206 (20) 4/207 (30) Student Cafeteria Please be considerate of your fellow students while using these spaces. Speak quietly, and bring a headset to use for your online class. Remember that a mask is required at all times indoors.

January 25, 2022
Dear CUNY student, As we look forward to the Spring 2022 semester, which begins this Friday for most CUNY colleges, I wanted to take a moment to remind you that students enrolled in any in-person or hybrid class will be required to get the COVID-19 booster shot when they become eligible. Governor Hochul announced this policy recently knowing that the booster provides additional protection against the virus and its variants and that vaccines are the best weapon we have to contain the spread of COVID-19 and safeguard our health and that of our community. Here’s how the booster… Read More »

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