Hybrid + Online

In addition to exclusively face-to-face instruction, CCNY faculty have the option of teaching part, or their entire course online. Approximately 3% of CCNY classes are taught in these modes, and it is expected those percentages will increase in years to come.

Hybrid and online learning explore the potential for learning at a distance. Students can participate as their schedules allow and use instructional technologies for group work and collaboration. Additionally, online learning relieves the college of classroom space demands during peak teaching times, and allows instructors greater flexibility in their schedules.

Hybrid learning arguably combines “the best of both worlds”: face-to-face contact between instructor and students with unlimited options that various instructional technologies can offer. Hybrid learning provides in-person support for those students who are not quite ready to take fully online courses while giving more flexibility to those with multiple responsibilities in their lives. Hybrid learning is one of the fastest growing and most successful instructional delivery models in accommodating the diverse needs of students.

Ideally, allow at least two semesters of preparation-time prior to adopting an online or hybrid model.  First, obtain permission to teach a hybrid or online course from your program or department chair.  The next recommended step is to meet with a CETL Technology and Learning Specialist to plan the course conversion. Over the span of several months, we work with the instructor to develop their course site on Blackboard and suggest ways of converting face-to-face activities into online formats. Lastly, prior to the rollout of the converted course, we complete a quality checklist to ensure best practices. CETL will be there to assist faculty during the entire process.