AEC Funding Procedures 2014-2015


The Auxiliary Enterprise Corporation (AEC) is a not‐for‐profit 501c3 corporation which is managed by an Executive Board comprised of City College administrators, faculty and students. AEC provides funding to City College student clubs and organizations as well as funding to support special programs and events which serve the school community. 

The AEC uses revenue funds received from dining, bookstore, ATM and exclusive beverage pouring rights agreements to support annual funding requests. The AEC Executive Board reviews and approves all funding requests and actions of the AEC. Funding is awarded for use in the academic year in progress, and all funds awarded within an academic year expire on May 31 of the same academic year.

Applying for Funds

To apply for funds please adhere the following procedure:

  1. AEC Funding Disbursement Process & Procedure
  2. Complete the Attached 2014-2015 AEC Funding Application

Funding Awards and Disbursement

Each funding request is reviewed and approved based on funds available and the support provided for each request.

Each award requires recipients to submit a summary along with their disbursement requisition for reimbursement together with receipts and documents related to the program(s), event(s) and or products and services acquired through the use of these funds.

The Summary should include how these funds contributed to the success of the program, event or club or organization together with details on how the funds impacted the students experience at City College.

All disbursement requisitions and respective submission documents should be presented to the Business Office located in NAC 1/210B.

Each submission will be reviewed to insure the funds used met the original Funding Application Proposal request(s) and does not exceed the total award amount.



Jason Wallace
Executive Director
Auxiliary Enterprise Corporation
NAC Building, Suite 1/210B
160 Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031
Call: 212 650- 7034
Fax: 212 650- 5337
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