Dominican Studies Track

M.A. in the Study of the Americas

Dominican Studies Track

A Master of Arts in the Study of the Americas provides a view of the continental region.

A specialization in Dominican Studies zooms in on where the Americas began. Unique in its own rank, the Dominican Studies Specialization is the first graduate program of study in the United States that offers a specially designed comprehensive curriculum, covering:

  • The formation of the Dominican people from pre-Columbian times to the present;
  • The role of La Española in the formation of Latin America and the Caribbean;
  • The desires and actions of colonial empires and those of the Dominican people;
  • Historical relationships with the neighboring Republic of Haiti;
  • Dominican migration and the formation of a settled people in the United States.

The Master of Arts in the Study of the Americas at City College Downtown is part of the Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Center for Worker Education (CWE). CWE is located in an unmatched central location in lower Manhattan, in the historic and vibrant Financial District, in front of the iconic Charging Bull and right around the corner from the Fearless Girl. The school is accessible through most public transportation. Students may apply to pursue the Master of Arts degree with the specialization in Dominican Studies, or opt for enrolling in any of the courses offered as a non-degree seeking student.

Obtaining a Dominican Studies specialization within the master of arts in the study of the americas will provide participants:

  • With an opportunity to acquire an advanced level of knowledge about the Dominican people in the United States as well as in the Dominican Republic;
  • Direct access to primary sources, including CUNY DSI's unique archives focusing on Dominicans in the United States, as well as to its extensive archival collections of XV and XVI century manuscripts pertaining to La Española and the rest of the Americas;
  • Basic paleographical knowledge to read XV and XVI century Spanish manuscripts;
  • Preparation to pursue a doctorate in the social sciences, humanities, and education, among others;
  • The opportunity to increase their educational credentials for those who are in the labor market and have an undergraduate college degree;
  • Particular Knowledge to work in the expanding fields of:
    NGOs • Public Administration • Not for Profits • Civil and Human Services • Health and Education • Entertainment • International Relations.

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