BIC Edge

All graduate students of BIC will be solidly grounded in broad-based market research, analysis and strategic development while more deeply exploring specializations in advertising management and planning, creative development, and public relations.  Our students will engage in a real-world, collaborative process that will make them more competitive today as well as transform them into the communication leaders of the future. Here are other reasons why studying here will give you the "BIC Edge."


New York city is the media communications capital of the world. There is nothing like studying a discipline at its professional nexus. Plus, local professionals can earn their Master's of Professional Studies at BIC while working full-time.


Students have access to an unsurpassed wealth of professional talent in the form of professions, guest lecturers, professional roundtables, and adjuncts. Internships, conferences, and networking opportunities create competitive recruits that energize the industry.


In the past five years, the undergraduate Ad/PR Program in the Media and Communication Arts Program at City College of New York has maintained 250 active majors with over 90% retention rate. Our students are already earning internships and entry level jobs at agencies such as Y&R, BBDO, GroupM, Edelman, Rubenstein Associates, Hunter PR, and Tribal DDB. City College of New York students won The ONE SHOW 2007 College Competition Client Pitch and have since had three Merit Winners.


Considered the flagship school of the city University of New York system, the City College of New York has been called "the Harvard of the Proletariat" for providing access to academic excellence. It has more Nobel Prize wining alumni than any other public university. Famous alums include: Jonas Salk, Linda Kaplan Thaler, Mayor Ed Koch, Andrew Grove, and Colin Powell (to name just a few). Others who've attended CCNY include Russell Simmons, Woody Allen, Ira Gershwin, and Henry Kissinger.


City college of New York has among the most diverse campuses in the nation. Over the 1,463 Bacheor's degrees awarded in 2008, African-Americans receied 33%, Hispanics 26%, Asian-Americans 19.3%, and Whites 21.6%.


As part of the City University of New York system, in-state tuition costs for a City College of New York Master's in Professional Studies at BIC is around $25,000 -- the best value of any comparable program.