Graduate Program of Study - 18 - 27 credits

Course Descriptions

Prerequisite Course                

EDCE 2900F    Inclusive Practices For The General Education Classroom (Grades 1-6)
An approved equivalent course

EDCE 5950C    Mathematics Knowledge For Teachers (Birth To Grade 6)

EDCE 2100K Development Issues In ECE/CE
EDUC 7200A Psychology Of Learning And Teaching
EDUC 7300A Child Development

Required Courses                
EDCE 3000F    Curriculum Development In Childhood Education
EDCE 7500C Emergent To Fluent Literacy
EDCE 7510C Literacy Strategies: From Birth To 6th Grade
EDCE 5201C Methods OfTeaching English Language Arts To Bilingual English Language Learners (P-Grade 6)   
EDCE 3100C    Elementary Science & Engineering Teaching Methods

EDCE 2100C    Teaching Social Studies In Childhood Education
EDCE 6100C    How Children Learn Mathematics: Grades 1-6 

EDCE 7603N    Practicum In Childhood Education (Grades 1-6)  (30 hours)
EDCE 7402G    Seminar in Childhood Education