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The philosophy of the School of Education

A faculty-generated Conceptual Framework is reflected in all course offerings and syllabi.

Our mission is to prepare knowledgeable, reflective, and caring educators who are qualified and committed to teaching and leading in diverse communities.

Five themes comprise our Conceptual Framework (long version):

- Developing In-Depth Knowledge About the World
- Becoming Skillful, Reflective Practitioners
- Educating For and About Diversity
- Nurturing Leadership for Learning
- Building Caring Communities


Students whose Last Names begin with A-L:
Laura Gellert
Associate Professor
North Academic Center
Room 3/209D
p:  212-650-5796

Students whose Last Names begin with M-Z:
Jan Valle
North Academic Center
Room 5/207B
p:  212-650-6290


David Crismond
Program Director

North Academic Center
Room 4/218A
160 Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031

p: 212-650-8436
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