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Graduate Childhood Education

Contact Infomation

Contact Information

  • For information about admission to the program please contact the School of Education Graduate Admissions office at

  • If you would like more information about the courses of study we offer, please contact the Program Director, Professor David Crismond, at

  • Current graduate students, please contact your advisor for information about courses, or contact the Program Director.

  • Current undergraduates, please contact the Office of Student Services in North Academic Center, Room 3/223A, 212-650-5316, or

  • For information about a particular course section in the Graduate Childhood Education Program, email or call the Graduate Childhood Education Program Faculty member who teaches the course.

  • Faculty members have mailboxes in North Academic Center, Room 6/207B.


  Name Phone Office Email
Megan Blumenreich 212-650-6254 North Academic Center, Room 4/212C
David Crismond 212-650-8436 North Academic Center, Room 4/218A
Catherine Franklin 212-650-6258 North Academic Center, Room 4/212B
Laura Gellert
On Sabbatical 2018 - 2019
212-650-5796 North Academic Center, Room 3/207C
Jan Valle
On Sabbatical 2018 - 2019
212-650-5186 North Academic Center, Room 4/212D
Randy Brozen 212-650-6253 North Academic Center, Room 3/206