Professional Certification - 31 Credits

Course Descriptions

Core (8 courses)

EDCE 7400F    Contemporary Problems and Issues in Childhood Education

EDCE 2000C   1st and 2nd Language Literacy
EDCE 2700C   Literacy for Struggling Readers and Writers in Inclusive/Mainstream Classrooms

EDCE 2900F   Inclusive Practice for the General Education Classroom (Grades 1-6)   
EDLS 5000K   Introduction to Inclusive Education

EDCE 3000F   Curriculum Development Childhood Education
EDCE 2300C   Social Studies Inquiry for Pre-K to 6 Teachers
EDCE 3200C   Science Inquiry for Pre-K to 6 Teachers
EDCE 6200C   Mathematics Inquiry for Pre-K to 6 Teachers                                    

Research (2 courses)

EDCE 2204I    Content Research Seminar in Childhood Education
EDCE 2900I    Seminar in Educational Research                                                                                         

Electives (2 courses)

Electives are chosen by advisement to promote student inquiry, further a candidate’s professional development, or provide specialization in an area of interest. Select from the following areas:

Special education
Bilingual education/TESOL
Early childhood

Specialized methods courses in the content areas
Related liberal arts courses