Track C: Professional Certification (31 Credits)

Course Descriptions (from Bulletin)

Core (7 courses)

  • EDCE 7400F    Contemporary Problems and Issues in Childhood Education
  • EDCE 2000C   1st and 2nd Language Literacy
    EDCE 2700C   Literacy for Struggling Readers and Writers in Inclusive/Mainstream Classrooms
  • EDCE 2900F   Inclusive Practice for the General Education Classroom (Grades 1-6)   
    EDLS 5000K   Introduction to Inclusive Education
  • EDCE 3000F   Curriculum Development Childhood Education
  • EDCE 2300C   Social Studies Inquiry for Pre-K to 6 Teachers
  • EDCE 3200C   Science Inquiry for Pre-K to 6 Teachers
  • EDCE 6200C   Mathematics Inquiry for Pre-K to 6 Teachers                                    

Research (2 courses)

  • EDCE 2204I    Content Research Seminar in Childhood Education
  • EDCE 2900I    Seminar in Educational Research                  

Electives (2 courses)

Electives are chosen by advisement to promote student inquiry, further a candidate’s professional development, or provide specialization in an area of interest. Select from the following areas:

  • Special Education
    Bilingual Education/TESOL
    Early Childhood
  • Specialized methods courses in the content areas
    Related liberal arts courses


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