Minor in Computer Science


The GSOE and Department of Computer Science announce a revised


Minor in Computer Science


Open to students with a minimum GPA of 2.7 who have passed Math 20100 and Math 20200 or 21200 with a grade of C or better and who have passed one of the following Science courses: BIO 10100 or CHEM 10301 or PHYS 20700 with a grade of C or better.


The Minor consists of the following courses:

 CSc 10300  Introduction to Computer Science for Majors (3 cred.)
  CSc 10400  Discrete Mathematical Structures (4 cred.)
  CSc 21200  Data Structures (3 cred.)
  CSc 22000  Algorithms (3 cred.)
  CSc 22100  Software Design Laboratory (3 cred.)
  One 300- or 400-level CSc course* (3 or 4 cred.) -
CSc 31167 does NOT satisfy any requirement for the CS Minor

(19 or 20 credits total)

*Suggested courses for final 3 or 4 credits:

CSc 33200    Operating Systems
CSc 33500    Programming Language Paradigms
CSc 33600    Introduction to Database Systems
CSc 47300    Website Design

Registration for each course is contingent upon completion of posted pre-requisites

Please be advised that the Computer Science Minor follows a strict pre-requisite structure. No exceptions will be made to this rule.

The successful completion of the Computer Science Minor will take a minimum of 4 semesters

No Computer Science courses are offered during the winter session

Limited Computer Science courses are offered during the summer session
For more information contact
the Computer Science Department:



Note: Students who completed CSc 10200 before Spring 2012 do not have to take CSc 10300



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