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Publications 2009

Computer Science

Publications 2009


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  • P. Brass,W. Moser, J. Pach: Research Problems in Discrete Geometry, Japanese translation: Springer, Tokyo, 2009

Journal Articles

  • Mikhail Atallah, Marina Blanton, Nelly Fazio, and Keith Frikken: Dynamic and Efficient Key Management for Access Hierarchies. ACM Transaction on Information and System Security (TISSEC), 12(3):1–43 (2009)
  • Igor V. Maslov, Izidor Gertner: A unified approach to image registration and object recognition with a hybrid evolutionary algorithm", in "Emerging intelligent computing technology and applications with aspects of artificial intelligence.” LNAI vol.5755, Springer:74-84 (2009)
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  • Jianting Zhang, Quinn Hart, Michael Gertz, Carlos Rueda, Jeffrey Bergamini, Sensor data dissemination systems using Web-based standards: A case study of publishing data in support of evapotranspiration models in California. Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems, 26(1), pp. 35-52. (doi: 10.1080/10286600802003567). ISSN 1028-6608
  • Angelo Lucia, Jae W. Lee, Jianting Zhang, Ann Zimmerman, DataNet: An Emerging Cyber-infrastructure for Sharing, Re-Using & Preserving Data for Scientific Discovery & Learning. The American Institute of Chemical Engineers Journal (AIChe Journal), Wiley-Blackwell. (10.1002/aic.12085) (Invited perspective article)
  • Kate S. He, Jianting Zhang, Testing the Correlation between Beta Diversity and Differences in Productivity among Global Ecoregions, Biomes, and Biogeographical Realms. Ecological Informatics 4(2), 93-98 [doi:10.1016/j.ecoinf.2009.01.003] ISSN 1574-9541
  • Duccio Rocchini, Kate S. He, Jianting Zhang, Is spectral distance a proxy of beta diversity at different taxonomic ranks? A test using quantile regression. Ecological Informatics 4(4), 254-259. [doi: 10.1016/j.ecoinf.2009.07.001]. ISSN 1574-9541
  • T. Wang, Z. Zhu, E. Blasch: Bio-Inspired Adaptive Hyperspectral Imaging for Target Tracking. IEEE Sensors Journal, Special issue on Enhancement Algorithms, Methodologies & Technology for Spectral Sensing, accepted June 2009
  • Z. Zhu: Mobile Sensors for Security and Surveillance. Journal of Applied Security Research, the Haworth Press, 4 (1&2):79–100, January 2009 (invited paper)


Conference Papers, Proceedings, Book Chapters
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