CCNY Research Core Facilities


CCNY Core Facilities function as a central hub for equipment sharing and research support for both CUNY and external investigators. We offer access to state of the art research equipment and a network of highly experienced facility managers at competitive rates. CCNY and CUNY users qualify for a wide range of subsidies that further increase the overall value of services we offer. We welcome large and small projects. We are especially excited to work with startups and industry partners, both well-established and those just starting their journey in science.




Services offered.


Dedicated facility managers to train and advise users.


Investigators served every year.


Limits on project size or commitment required.

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Light Microscopy
Light Microscopy



► Zeiss LSM 800 - High-end laser scanning microscope. Inverted stand, Zeiss Airyscan, live cell imaging.

► Zeiss LSM 880 - Big brother of the LSM 800. Fast scanning module, Zeiss Airyscan, PM 2000 RST incubator.

► Nikon TiE - General purpose fluorescence microscope. Equipped with a motorized stage and live cell imaging capabilities.

Electron Microscopy
Supra55 Cover



► Zeiss Supra 55 SEM - Field emission SEM with a maximum resolution of 1 nm. Secondary and backscattered electron imaging, EDS, EBSD. 

► JOEL JEM2100 TEM - Termionic (LaB6) TEM with a point to point resolution of 0.23 nm and a line resolution of 0.14 nm. Images can be acquired on film or in any of two digital cameras: Gatan Ultrascan 1000XP or Gatan Orius SC200.

X-Ray Diffractometry
X-Ray Diffractometry



► Panalitical X'Pert Pro - Powder diffraction, configured with simple slits and proportional detector for data collection to do phase analysis including Rietveld refinement.

► Bruker Discovery-8 - 0-D scintillation counter, linear 1-D position sensitive (LINXEYE), and area 2-D (VANTEC-500) detectors. Hight Resolution and Powder Diffraction configurations.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance



► Bruker 300 NRM - Multinuclear Broadband Fluorine Observe (BBFO) probe (5 mm sample diameter) with digital tuning covering the range from 15N to 31P as well as 19F with 1H decoupling or observation.

► Varian 600 Solids NMR - Services offered: Multi-dimensional, multi-nuclear solid state NMR research on protein, solid state NMR research on materials, such as natural or synthetic polymers, and energy storage material, study of Semi-solid materials such as biological tissues or swollen polymers

► Varian 500 NMR - Primary use: 1H, 13C, 15N, 11B, other nuclei Solvent Suppression, 1D NOE, DEPT 1D with variable temperature (-60C to 100C) All normal and gradient selected 2D experiments including gCOSY, TOCSY, HSQC, gHMQC, HMBC, ROESY, NOESY etc.

MicroCT and Ultrasound Imaging



► Bruker SKYSCAN 1272 - Lab-based X-ray micro computed tomography system capable of rapid imaging of materials and complex biological specimens across length scales, with resolution from mm to 350nm smallest pixel size with phase contrast enhancement, providing a powerful technique for hierarchical visualization and quantification of biological structures.

► Verasonics Vantage 256 - flexible ultrasound research platform that provides direct access to raw ultrasound data, while preserving the ability to perform high quality real-time imaging with custom software, at clinically useful frame rates. The system’s open architecture, provides all-software beamforming and sequence control, instead of hardware-based beamforming.

Flow Cytometry



►Attune NXT Acoustic Focusing Flow Cytometer is a research and teaching-use single-cell analyzer. The NXT has four lasers: blue, red, yellow, and violet. It has a total of 16 detection channels: 14 color filters and forward/side scatter. It also has an attachment, the CytKick system, which allows for automated sampling of a 96 well plate for high-throughput analysis.