Here are some tips for a successful application:

  1. Confirm your eligibility - Use the self-assessment form on the eligibility page.
  2. Review the sample application - Download the sample application above, and draft your responses on paper before entering them online.
  3. Read the “help text” for each question - These provide clarity about the information being sought.
  4. Answer questions completely - Partial responses can cause you to receive fewer or no points on a question.
  5. Spelling and Grammar matter - Have someone else review your answers before submitting your application. The writing center is an excellent resource you can take advantage of. You can also make use of the various tutoring services available within the departments
  6. Use the optional essay - This is an excellent opportunity to provide more information for the application reviewers. You can answer another one of the essay choices from part B in this section, or add any information you believe will advance your case. Do not repeat information you have already included in a previous response.
  7. Speak to your recommender in advance - Notify your professor or advisor that you would like them to provide a recommendation for you. Discuss the Service Corps program with them so they know what to expect and what type of recommendation would be helpful to you. Do not simply enter their name in application without warning. They will receive an email directly from the Service Corps with the recommendation form and a deadline for completion, after you have submitted your application.


The CUNY Service Corps is a competitve program with a rigorous and thorough application process. The process begins with the online application and ultimately concludes with the fulfillment of all pre-service training requirements. Applicants are not officially considered Corps members until pre-service training is completed.

  • January 15 - Application is Live: Students may begin applying online.
  • February 29 - Priority Deadline: Applications submitted by the priority deadline receive a bonus point on their application. 
  • March 20 - Final Deadline: All completed applications must be submitted by this date. *Applications are not technically complete until your recommendation letters are received. Your recommender will be given a deadline to submit their recommendation.
  • March 21 - Application Review: The review committee will review applications through April 8, 2016. Application questions are weighted and scored; a minimum score will be chosen as a threshold for potential candidates.
  • April 4 - 27 - Group Interviews: Applicants who scored above the threshold will be invited to attend an in-person group interview The interview sesions will be observed and scored as well. The combined application + interview scores will be used to determine which students are invited to join the Corps.
  • May 11 - Invitation/Acceptance: Selected students will receive an invitation letter from the CUNY Service Corps central office. Students must accept or decline the invitation to become a prospective Corps member by this date.
  • May 16 - Welcome Meetings: Prospects who have accepted the invitation will be invited to a welcome session where they will be introduced as the new prospective cohort. They will also be provided with details about the next steps in the process. The meeting will be scheduled during the week of May 16.
  • May 23 - New Hire Orientation: The Research Foundation of CUNY will host a series of onboarding sessions where prospects will complete the paperwork and steps required to be placed on the payroll, in preparation for the PAID training sessions. Orientations will take place on selected dates throughout May, June, & July.
  • June 16 - 17 - Matching Fair: The matching fair takes place over the course of 2 daysThe matching fair is the first opportunity for students to meet with potential employers via scheduled interviews and an open-forum session. The matching fair is essential to determining where students are placed. The matching form with the prospects' placement preferences is due by July 8, 2016. Placements will be announced by the end of August.
  • August 15, 2016 - Campus Launch: The launch event will take place on campusThis event marks the beginning of pre-service training. Prospects receive a review or program requirements and expectations, and start the training mudle. 
  • August 16 - 24 - Pre-Service Training: Prospects must complete a full day of pre-service training modules conducted by professional trainers. 
  • September 9 - University Kickoff: The entire 2016-2017 cohort will come together for what is essentially a pep rally at one of the participating campuses. The new cohort will receive their charge for the year and leave feeling energized and inspired for service.  Prospects are officially considered Corps members after attending the University Kickoff.