DSE Faculty


Dr. Zhigang Zhu
Herbert G. Kayser Chair Professor 
Dr. Michael Grossberg
Assistant Professor

Core Faculty

Dr. Irina Gladkova, Associate Professor, Computer Science

Dr. Huy Vo, Assistant Professor, Computer Science 

Dr. Jie Wei, Associate Professor, Computer Science

Dr. Jianting Zhang, Associate Professor, Computer Science 

Dr. Ronak Etemadpour, Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Dr. Asohan Amarasingham, Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Dr. Shirshendu Chatterjee, Assistant Professor Mathematics


Additional Faculty by Department:

Biomedical Engineering/Bioinformatics Faculty:

Dr. Marom Bikson, Professor

Dr. Bingmei Fu, Professor

Dr. Lucas Parra, Herbert Kayser Professor

Dr. Ashiwel Undieh, Associate Provost for Research


Civil Engineering Faculty:

Dr. Nir Krakauer, Associate Professor

Dr. Balazs Fekete, Assistant Professor

Dr. Hansong Tang, Associate Professor


Chemical Engineering Faculty:

Dr. Alexander Couzis, Herbert G. Kayser Professor

Dr. Ilona Kretzschmar, Professor and Department Chair

Dr. Raymond Tu, Associate Professor


Computer Science Faculty:

Dr. Peter Brass, Professor

Dr. Nelly Fazio, Associate Professor

Dr. Rosario Gennaro, Professor and Director of the Center for Algorithms and Interactive Scientific Software

Dr. Akira Kawaguchi, Professor and Department Chair

Dr. Abbe Mowshowitz, Professor 

Dr. William Skeith, Assistant Professor

Dr. George Wolberg, Professor 


Electrical Engineering Faculty:

Dr. Sang-Woo Seo, Associate Professor

Dr. Yingli Tian, Professor and Head of the Media Lab

Dr. M. Ümit Uyar, Professor and Director of the Computer Engineering Program

Dr. Bo Yuan, Assistant Professor.

Dr. Jizhong Xiao, Professor and Funding Director of CCNY Robotics Lab


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