Data Science and Engineering are multidisciplinary fields that apply tools and methods from computer science and statistics to other knowledge domains. This is all to make predictions, and decisions, and derive insights from both structured and unstructured data. The methodology covered will provide students with advanced data science techniques in different areas such as analysis, computation, modeling, and visualization.

The program is targeted at students who want to learn then apply data science methodology and have a background in science, engineering, or mathematics. Students will apply these skills to a domain by combining core knowledge with domain knowledge acquired through two or more electives taken in that domain. Finally, students will complete a mandated capstone project or thesis demonstrating their mastery of the methodology under the guidance of a mentor.


  • Applicants are accepted for the fall. We do not enroll students for the spring. 
  • We cannot accept non-degree students.
  • If you have already applied we are still evaluating some of these applications (even if you applied a while ago) so please be patient, you should receive an answer soon! 
Applicants must submit applications by  May 22nd  
If you are in the process of completing an application for Fall 2024 focus on submitting the application and worry about supporting materials later.

No spring admissions.

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The Grove School of Engineering
Department of Computer Science

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Michael Grossberg, PhD
Program co-Director

p: 212.650.6632