Master's Project


The MA Thesis Project is a one-semester, 3-credit course (EDSE 0200I), offered only in the spring, open to both in-service and pre-service teachers.  In this course you will design, conduct, and report the results of a classroom-centered action-research project.

Prerequisites (must be completed before first day of class):

  • Complete on-line training for conducting research with human subjects (available at; bring a copy of the certificate to first class.
  • Activate CCNY email account. Set forwarding instructions if you prefer a different email address.  Be sure to check the course Blackboard site before the first day of class for further instructions and any assignments due the first day of class.
  • Prepare an initial one-page annotated bibliography, with at least 2 books and 5 articles published within the last six years on issues of literacy, reading and writing instruction, and/or assessment.  You can use readings for coursework already completed in the program, as well as other readings you have located.  Bring this bibliography to the first class.

It is strongly recommended that you review MA Thesis projects from previous semesters, on file in the Program Director’s office, before attending the first class.