Dr. Carlos Aguasaco discusses his work as a innovator and cultural entrepreneur

Associate Professor of Latin American Cultural Studies, Dr. Carlos Aguasaco, has been with CCNY for over 10 years. First coming to the Institution as a student, and later moving into a faculty role, Dr. Aguasaco has a very well-rounded view of the caliber of education offered here at CCNY. As an innovator and cultural entrepreneur, Professor Aguasaco coordinates The Americas Film Festival of New York working closely with Instituto Cervantes to promote awareness and celebration of the rich diversity of the languages, cultures, and peoples of the Americas. He is also the founder of both the Americas Poetry Festival of NY and Artepoética Press – A Hispanic Publishing house dedicated to publishing works related to Latin American Cultures.

To learn more about Dr. Carlos Aguasaco please visit his personal-professional website: http://www.carlosaguasaco.com

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