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Not all college related groups, special programs or faculty/staff users are represented on the main CCNY website, which uses a cloud based Content Management System (CMS). A college related group, special program or faculty/staff website may also have a specific message that can not be conveyed in the CMS template. These college related groups, special programs or faculty/staff users may request a web hosting account for individual sites not hosted in the CMS.

The Web Hosting Service at CCNY is an Office of Information Technology (OIT) managed Windows (VM) based system using the Plesk Hosting platform. Browser based Plesk gives users access to a 'Dashboard' with features, tools and 'in house' applications that allow administrators to manage domain resources from anywhere.

Users with accounts in the Web Hosting Service are assigned their requested domain after an availability check. The assigned faculty/staff member is the domain administrator and is responsible for the contents, updates of installed applications, site back-up and any other assigned site administrators of their domain.

Domain Site Admins have access to Apps (most recommended and popular Apps: Wordpress, Drupal, joomla) that install from within the platform. Users have the ability to create databases in MySQL and FTP is available for uploading site content using the Plesk Dashboard. At this time, resources are not available for creating email service for individual domains. SMTP is not available to users.

We recommend that users request a Service Email account ( your-domain@ccny.cuny.edu ) from the Service Desk.

OIT supports the server-side of the Web Hosting Service, only. OIT is not available for your site maintenance or content support. Plan your website using a format that you will be able to maintain. Review additional information about Plesk here: Web Hosting Information.Find additional Help files by clicking the 'Help' tab on the Plesk.

  • If you would like to create a hosting account or need assistance for establishing a new web site outside of the CMS (ie. Any URL NOT starting with "www.ccny.cuny.edu" or new non-CMS address), please see contacts below.
  • For additional information go to: Web Hosting Information.


Last Updated: 05/03/2023 12:57