Client Applications

Assistance with a custom Client Applications or Special Projects may need to be coordinated with other campus offices such as the Finance Office or the Development Office. Please understand that you need to allow enough time in advance for any custom application or project to be completed by your desired launch date.

Requests for Client Applications or Special Projects

About Custom Client Applications:

Requests for custom applications need to be submitted in advance through the OIT Service Desk ( )(allow at least 2 weeks in advance of desired launch date).

Your service ticket should include information outlining the type of application you need, the date you need it completed by and all contact information.

Application Type:

1) Registration Form or RSVP:
If you need a registration form or RSVP,  you will need to include the contact information of a staff member who will receive all form submission data and transaction reports.

2) Receive Payments:
If your custom application involves payments, you will need to go through proper channels in the Finance Office or work with the Development Office to set up accounts prior to the application creation. Allow enough time for the processes involved in creating and testing your custom application.
Request a Sample Payment Form>> from the Service Desk ( )

Sample Form Image

About Special Projects:

We recommend that to make a request for Application Services to work with you on any special project that you contact:
Juan Baez ( ), Director of Applications Services, to set up a meeting or submit a request through the Service Desk ( ). (allow for an open timeline until request is reviewed ).

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