The Michael and Irene Ross Program in Jewish Studies offers a wide range of courses that examine the literature of the Jews, their history, philosophy, mysticism, sociology, and nationalism. The Program in Jewish Studies is developing a series of courses to explore the links of American Jews to other ethnic minorities and speak to the vitality of Jewish culture from antiquity to the present.

In cooperation with other departments in Humanities and the Arts, Jewish Studies courses, seminars and lectures will speak to the role of minority cultures in shaping and reacting to national identity. A major concern of Jewish Studies is the study of ethics in society, art and literature. In particular, Jewish Studies will address the philosophical, political and religious questions posed by racism and genocide in present and past centuries.

The Program coordinates a study abroad program for undergraduates and graduates at Tel Aviv University and Ben Gurion University. Financial assistance is available to qualified students.

We invite you to take some of our classes, and find out why Jewish Studies is one of the fastest growing majors and minors at City College!