Policies for Acceptable Computer Use in the LTRC

These policies are designed to guide Learning Technology Resource Center (LTRC) users in the acceptable use of computer and information resources. The LTRC's information technology resources are services provided to users to fulfill their academic and professional preparation.


Access to the LTRC facilities is a privilege that carries associated responsibilities. The following specify some of the responsibilities that accompany computer use at the LTRC.

1. Resources are to be used only for course-related research, instruction, learning, dissemination of scholarly information and administrative activities. 

2. Users must not attempt to modify the system file or tamper with any software protection or restrictions placed on computer applications or files.

3. Lab Users must refrain from using cell phones in the LTRC.  Please leave the lab and go into the hallway, or elsewhere, to receive or make cell phone calls.

4. Lab users are responsible for using software and electronic materials in accordance with copyright and licensing restrictions. You may not inspect, modify, distribute or copy proprietary data, directories, programs, files, disks or other software without proper authorization.

5. Users may not encroach on others' use of computer resources. Such activities would include, but are not limited to, tying up computer resources for game playing, the use of social media, or intentionally introducing computer viruses onto the LTRC computers.

6. The LTRC will not tolerate misuse of computer facilities for sexual harassment. As such, it prohibits users from composing or transmitting messages that implicitly or explicitly invite unwelcome sexual advances or request sexual favors.

7. Users must not use the LTRC computers to access websites or view materials deemed pornographic. All users will be held accountable for materials or sites they access while using the LTRC computers.

8. If the lab is being used for a workshop or class, you may use the computers after consulting with the lab assistant for availability. You are expected to conduct yourself without interrupting any of these activities.


Lab Technician Help: Lab technicians are available to assist lab users. They are able to help you start your applications, offer help with printing, and restart computers and applications that are "frozen", etc. They can provide general information on Windows and other application; however, they are not trained to provide content specific assistance to lab users. Please consult your professor for this type of help.

No Eating or Drinking: Food and drink will not be allowed in the computer lab. Unopened containers of food, cans, cups, etc. will not be allowed in the labs unless they are stored in a book bag, purse, brief case, etc., so they may be kept out of sight.

Printing in LTRC: Lab users are allowed to print not more than 15 pages per day. Lab users may be allowed to exceed printing limit if they provide their own paper. Printers are provided for bona-fide course work only.

Lab Closing: The LTRC lab will close at the scheduled times. Users will be advised at least 20 minutes prior to closing so that they may send last minute printouts to the printer. Students are expected to leave the lab at least 5 minutes prior to the lab’s closing time. Students will not be allowed to stay in the lab after closing.

Building Emergencies: In the event of an emergency, such as a fire alarm, the lab assistant will clear the lab immediately. Lab users should retrieve their personal belongings and immediately leave the lab and exit the building. There is no need to log out of the system or end your application. Once the lab has been cleared, the door will be locked. At the conclusion of the emergency, users will be allowed to return to the same PC they were using prior to the emergency.

Administration’s Right to Access Files on LTRC Computers: While respecting users confidentiality and privacy, the LTRC reserves the right to examine computer files if we consider such an action necessary to enforce policies regarding harassment and the safety of individuals; to prevent infringement of copyright restrictions or contractual obligations; to safeguard the integrity of LTRC computers, networks and data; or to protect the LTRC against any untoward consequences.


Failure to observe the above stated policies and procedures may result in restrictions to the access and use of LTRC computers and resources. We reserve the right to limit access to the computer facility and/or to remove or limit access to material stored on LTRC computers.

All users are expected to conduct themselves consistently with these responsibilities and all other applicable college policies.  Failure to do so may result in temporary, or permanent, restrictions from using the LTRC facility and/or its resources.

Please be aware that the abuse of LTRC privileges may subject the user to disciplinary action, as established by the applicable operating policies and procedures of the College. When appropriate, temporary restrictive actions will be taken pending further disciplinary action.

Last Revised 10/10/2014

Last Updated: 12/16/2019 10:37