Which devices and apps are available in the lab?


1 ELMO Projector
37 PC's
4 iMacs
5 HP scanners
2 Laserjet 4200 Printers
1 SmartBoard
2 LCD projectors

15 IBM ThinkPad Laptops (windows 98)
5 Dell Latitude D610 (Windows 7)
7 Dell Latitude D800 (Windows 7)
1 LCD Projector (Hitachi CP-X260 S/N F7DU12074)

Operating System: Windows 7 Enterprise
1 Adobe 7.0 Professional
2 Adobe Reader
3 Burn CDs & DVDs with Sonic Digital Media
4 CD Burner
5 Cyberlink Power DVD
6 Exam View Assessment Suite
7 Exam View Pro Test Generator
8 Front Page
9 HP Laserjet 4200
10 iTunes
11 Inspire Data
12 Math Type 5
13 Movie Maker
14 Mozilla Firefox
15 NYMA New York Math A
16 Office Professional Edition 2003
17 Office 2003 Compatibility Pack
18 Open Office
19 Print Manager Plus Authentication Module
20 Quick Time
21 Sketchpad
22 Smart Board
23 Smart Essentials for Educators
24 SPSS for Windows
25 SSH Secure Shell
26 Teacher Express: Ph Algebra
27 7-Zip 4.6


1 LCD projector
1 Wide-angle projection screen
4 iMacs with DVD Burners
1 40 inch Samsung TV
1 Sony Combo DVD/VHS Player
3 Panasonic TV+VCR


Which teacher certification examinations am I required to take?

The certification examinations you are required to take depends on the type of teacher certificate you are pursuing. Click on the link below to select your certificate program and review the exams required [Click here.].

However, for most Initial Certification programs, you will be required to take the following exams:

  1. Educating All Students (EAS)
  2. Content Specialty Test (CST) in your subject content area.
  3. EdTPA (Educator Teacher Performance Assessment) in your subject content area),

[A student is only required to complete ONE edTPA Assessment, hence, if a second certification is being pursued, the first edTPA Assessment completed by the student satisfies that requirement and another edTPA Assessment is not required.]

Where can I locate materials to review for the Certification exams?

Begin your preparation for testing by first reviewing a description of the test, the test objectives, and test exemplars. This information can be found on the New York State Teacher Certification Exam (NYSTCE] website [Click here fo the information.]. 

Additional review resources, workshop and exam monitoring click on the link below [Click here.]

Where do I sign up for workshops for the teacher certification examinations?

You can locate information about workshops for the teacher certification examinations at this link [click here]

Where can I find practice exams for the certification exams?

One of the resources recommended with practicing questions for the various teacher certification examinations is the ‘Mometrix Test Preparation Guides’. The review guides come in various formats to accommodate varying learning styles. However, they include test banks for the different subject area tests. Check this site for information on the material, as well as its cost. 

Where do I sign up to take the actual teacher certification exams?

You must sign up at the NYSTCE website (www.nystce.nesinc.com) for the teacher certification examinations.

How long does it take to get the result of a test?

It should take approximately four (4) weeks to obtain the results of a test. You should receive an email message from National Evaluation Systems (NES), the testing agency, alerting you that the results would be available soon. Remember to keep a digital copy of the results for your future reference.


Who is required to take the School of Education Admission’s Test?

All undergraduate education students are required to take the SEAT examinations. If you are unsure whether this applies to you, you check with the Office of Admissions and Student Services [click here.]

What are the components of the SEAT exam?

The SEAT exam has two components: Part I Consist of twenty (2) multiple choice questions (History and Social Science, Communication Skills, Math, and Science), and Part II A writing component. The writing assignment requires writing two responses reacting to two text and one chart/graphic prompts.

How much time is given for the SEAT exam?

The time for the SEAT examination is three (3) hours.

What is the passing score for the SEAT exam?

The passing score for the SEAT examination is 57.

Can I pass the SEAT exam if do not pass the writing portion?

Students are required to pass the writing component of the test. Therefore, if a student achieves an overall test score of over 57 (e.g. 60), but the writing score is below passing (e.g. 40) then the student must retake the written essay.

What review materials are available to prepare for the SEAT examination?

Review materials to prepare for the SEAT examination can be obtained at SEAT Examinations

How often is the SEAT examination offered?

The SEAT examination is offered about three (3) or four (4) times per semester. At a minimum, it is offered once per month, and usually on a Friday.

How soon can I expect the results of the SEAT examination?

Efforts are being made to have the results of the exam available within three weeks of taking the test.

Where do I sign up to take the test?

After the schedule for the test is published you can access it here (click here-schedule); and also you can sign up for the test here (click here-signup).

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