Elementary Mathematics Leader Professional Certification Program. M.S. degree

The new Elementary Mathematics Education Leadership Master of Science in Education (MSEd) program at CCNY seeks to produce professionals who are equipped with the understandings and skills to work as leaders in mathematics teaching and learning in elementary schools.  The program will prepare participants along three dimensions:

  1. Mathematics Education: The program emphasizes progressive mathematics pedagogy that addresses the current standards. The courses are designed to deepen teachers understanding of children’s mathematical development and to develop effective practices that support this development. Teachers will focus on research-based instructional strategies found to support mathematics achievement of students in diverse urban elementary school classrooms. They will learn to create instructional environments where all students will develop confidence in their ability to do mathematics and are challenged to think critically about the discipline.
  2. Leadership: The program engages participants in recognizing the important role of the classroom teacher in school improvement and the necessary school structure required to support instructional improvement. The courses bring diverse educators together in joint curricular activities that underscore the importance of developing a longitudinal view of the educational process, a decided asset to continuity in curriculum planning, and the importance of creating and sustaining a vibrant school structure that supports and sustains those roles and relationships critical to high quality instruction.  
  3. Mathematics Content for Elementary School: Deep mathematics content knowledge is critical for effective instruction. Teachers will receive mathematics instruction that will strengthen their own mathematics knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge.

The program offers professionals the opportunity to earn a master’s degree and to prepare them to assume leadership roles in their schools with respect to mathematics as lead teachers, instructional coaches, professional development facilitators, curriculum developers, mentors, and administrators.

Eligibility and Admission Requirements

  • New York State Certification in childhood education
  • A BA/BS from an accredited university with a GPA of a minimum of 3.0
  • 12 credits in mathematics content coursework
  • Two letters of recommendation

Coursework in Mathematics Education:
EDCE 6102E Advanced Teaching and Learning Mathematics  (3 cr, 30 hrs fw)
EDSE 2800E Contemporary Topics in Mathematics Education (3 cr)
EDCE 5950C Mathematics Knowledge for Teachers: Birth to Grade 6  
EDCE 6100C How Children Learn Mathematics: Grades 1-6

Coursework in Mathematics
MATHE 4600C Introduction to Mathematical Thinking (3 cr)
MATHE 4700C Modeling with Algebraic and Trigonometric Functions (3)

Coursework in Leadership:
EDLS 7401G Instructional Leadership in the Mathematics Content Area
EDLS 8801G School-Community Building

Capstone Research Course:
EDSE 0200I Action Research in Mathematics Education (3 cr)

Sample Elective Courses (3 cr)
MATHE 6300 Mathematical Problem Solving
MATHE 1000E History of Mathematics
MATHE 4800C Foundations of Geometry
EDLS 7101G Dynamics of educational organizations

For more information please contact:
Prof. D. A. Stylianou, Program Director

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